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Team Bio’s

DaveDavid Loewenstein

David grew up in Orange County, California and was a child of discovery. Growing up in such a beautiful area was never lost on David. If he wasn’t inside playing with K’NEX’s or Lincoln Logs he was outside exploring. To this day you will often find him at the beach, on a lake, or enjoying a hike.  After high school he enrolled at the University of Arizona where he achieved his B.S from the Eller College in Public Administration and Business Management, majoring in Criminal Justice. While attending the University of Arizona he took a summer and studied with the Semester at Sea program offered by the University of Pittsburgh.

“This was the most inspiring and exciting time of my life.  Traveling for 65 days and   visiting 12 countries let me grow as a person and rekindled my interest in architecture.  I fell in love with the different cultures and was fascinated by the way these differences were reflected in not only their architecture but in the entire composition of their cities and villages.”

After graduating from college, it was time to go to work.  David had assumed that he would follow in his family’s footsteps and go into law, but a good, hard look at the profession left him realizing there simply wasn’t enough room for creativity to suit him.  Being gregarious and outgoing, sales seemed the perfect career choice.  David gained employment with International Paper’s sales division, xpedx and then later with Matrix Direct Insurance.  Although working in sales was not as creative as he would have liked, he did gain invaluable presentation skills.

During this period David made a positive career change enrolling in The NewSchool of Architecture and Design.  Finding inspiration at the NewSchool, David felt completely at home.  Enrolled in the Master’s Program, he immediately excelled earning a spot on the Dean’s List six times, the Presidents Honor Roll for the past three quarters, and a Presidential scholarship from the school.

“This is where I belong, putting myself in a position to make a positive impact in this world through doing something exciting and creative.  I feel empowered by the opportunity to make my ideas come to life.  I love what I do and I spend countless hours trying to perfect my craft.  I can’t do something halfheartedly, if I’m in, I’m in.  Architecture has offered me the vehicle to make my dreams come true.”

Phill_ProfilePhilip Auchettl  is originally from the town of Ballarat, located just outside of Melbourne, Australia. Philip has combined the practice of art with a love of architecture to create unique designs. Philip received his Bachelor of Visual Arts from the University of Ballarat in 2008, and is currently working towards a Masters of Architecture at NewSchool of Architecture & Design in San Diego.  Philip began exhibiting works of art on a professional level when he graduated from high school in 2003. Since that time, he has created a body of paintings that have been exhibited in Australia, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

Growing up, Philip was inspired to create his own artwork by observing the unique landscapes of Australia and by observing vibrant Aboriginal artwork, which is prominent in many areas. When Philip began studying at NewSchool of Architecture, he discovered a way to integrate his artistic ideas into new and innovative building designs. He also discovered an interest in helping others to foster their own creative ideas.

I learned in my undergraduate program how valuable studio time can be. That knowledge has been reinforced in my time at Newschool. I continuously make an effort to get people talking about their projects, assisting others when they are discouraged or disheartened, encouraging and applauding them when an idea works out or they receive positive feedback during a presentation. I try to foster the creative environment of the studio and help to make it more than just a classroom, but a family who supports each other.”

Philip looks forward to what the future holds. As he strives to integrate his passion for the arts with architectural designs, the possibilities are endless.


Jason_ProfileJason Grauten

My background in architecture goes a lot further than graduate school at New School of Architecture and Design. On an educational level, I have taken four years of architecture history and studio in high school. I have taken two years of studio courses at The University of Arizona. But setting that aside, my passion and vision for design and architecture has been with me since birth. My father is an engineer with a strong artistic hand, my uncle’s are architects, carpenters, photographers, and my aunt’s are professionals in fields such as glass blowing, painting, and film.  So I feel its safe to say that art, design, and architecture is in my blood.

I find myself not only constantly analyzing buildings, but also everything that has to do with design. I’m always looking for ways to better design, from a simple street bench, or to further the improvement of society. One of the reasons that architecture fascinates me is because we control how people move throughout space. In a way, we determine people’s lifestyle, and how they interact within them. An important role to say the least. And I’m ready to take on that role. I am constantly finding ways to exceed the norm, and look towards the future with my designs. I take great pride in every project that is placed in front of me. I spend numerous hours on research, site analysis, materials, functionality, and most importantly, I make sure every thought carries a purpose.

The future of architecture is shifting toward functionality, while stepping away from arbitrary and ambiguous forms and spatiality. We need to concentrate on sustainability and problem solving. I graduated from The University of Arizona with a degree in urban planning and business. An after four years of studying cities (successful and unsuccessful) I now understand the need for a shift towards urbanism.  Eliminating transportation cost (imports/exports) by introducing urban agriculture, designing walkable neighborhoods to fight obesity, create social interaction and safety, controlling automobile usage, and building vertically instead of horizontally to preserve our environment; are all reasons that support my argument.

Mike_ProfileMichael Poage

Michael was raised in the small town of Madera, California. During childhood, his aspirations to become an architect were increasingly apparent. If he wasn’t in school or playing sports, Michael would likely be seen building houses out of Legos, sketching or outside enjoying nature. In high school, he played baseball and studied engineering.

In college, Michael received his Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of California, Riverside. The program satisfied his love for math and physics but lacked the artistic creativity and freedom he desired. This in turn opened his eyes to the field of architecture.

In 2010, Michael was accepted into the NewSchool of Architecture & Design Masters Program. Now, he is passionate about architecture and enthusiastic about the positive impact he potentially can have on the profession, the planet and the people.