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The RAD Lab nearing the end of the design phase and is now moving to permitting and then construction.

The RAD Lab is an experbook reports onlineiment in flexible urbanism. Due to the recession of 2008 many vacant lots litter the city,  remaining underutilized and idle, as owners and developers are unable to transform them and stimulate the economy. Their loss is our gain, allowing the RAD Lab to bring new vitality and connectedness to the East Village Neighborhood.

We believe that East Village desires more dedicated outdoor community spaces to enrich the lives of the inhabitants. By repurposing this unused lot we will shift the energy and focus back to the residents of East Village and provide a renewed sense of pride for the community. When our project reaches its full potential as an urban construct, it will offer a dynamic, interactive and immersive experience with a southern California se towards the enjoyment of great food, wine, beer, art, and design.

The RAD Lab is intended to be a pop up marketplace showcasing locally made products, catering to outdoor activities and events. Spaces will be available for lease to allow small to medium sized business to enter the market and create and display their unique items. The RAD Lab will feature a blend of creative architectural solutions highlighting the importance of smart sustainable design.

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The businesses that would be perfect for this site are: (but not limited to)

- Craft Beer Garden

- Artist Studio   -Retail   -Jeweler   -Clothing Tailor  

-Yoga Studio   -Shoe Store   -Bicycle Store   -Cooking Classes 

-Barber Shop   -Skateboard Shop   -Surfboard Shaper   -Smoothie/Juice Shop  

-Dog Wash/Groomer   -Trainer   -Pilates Studio   -Glass Artist   

-Educational Classes   -Recycling Center   -Candle Maker  

-Tea/Coffee Shop   -Radio Station   

If you are interested in leasing space, please contact us at

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For additional information please visit